About Richelle Ricard, LMP

She knew at a young age what she was good at…

Nearly 20 years ago Richelle recognized her affinity for the inner workings of the human body.  Her education and work in the fields of injury treatment and rehabilitation began early in her life and has continued through today.  She started in sports medicine, but evolved toward a career in massage and yoga therapy which focuses on treating injury, chronic pain and correcting postural distortion.

Her continued studies in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology offer the advantage of a deeply functional understanding of the body’s engineering and the importance of always working toward balance at EVERY level of the body/mind. Through the years Richelle has learned to integrate her various schools of practice into a multi-faceted approach to healing and teaching. She is able to tailor each treatment to suit each individual.

Richelle addresses the whole person…

To support balance at the physical, mental and emotional levels Richelle uses:

  • A variety of massage treatment techniques (passive body)
  • Yoga asana (active body)
  • Breathing and Meditation practice (mind body)

Certified in 2007 at the 200-hr level through Yogaworks, and holding an ERYT-200 Equivalency, she now teaches other yoga teacher-trainees the value of anatomical awareness. Through positions within Yogaworks, Semperviva Yoga College, and her own continuing education workshops, Richelle offers new and veteran teachers functional anatomy training.

Whether in a slow flowing yoga class or on the massage table…

You can experience Richelle’s work in many ways:

  • Massage Therapy; Studio and Outcall options
  • Private Yoga Instruction
  • Small Group/Corporate Yoga Instruction
  • Workshops and Retreats
  • Anatomy Curriculum Development, Training, Tutoring

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