VIP Intensive Study of the HIPS

Saturday, March 28th


$85 by 3/7; $100 after 3/7 VIP $90

Seattle Yoga Shala
@Inscape Arts Building
815 Seattle Blvd. South, Seattle, WA 98134


Sit, stand, walk, run, warrior…

The hips and pelvis play a role in every aspect of our moving life. Their complex engineering offers us seemingly endless possibilities for movement, but that complexity leaves them ripe for dysfunction.

In this intensive immersion class, we’ll discuss and explore the Structure and Nature of the pelvis and hip, their connections to the core and lower extremity, and how individual differences can and will affect our yoga practice. Yoga teachers and students alike will have the opportunity to experience, observe and adjust some of our most common postures for deeper understanding of the biomechanics involved and safe alignment approaches.

This is a dynamic class geared toward any yoga practitioner who is curious about the way we’re engineered to move and wants to refine their practice of asana and/or teaching. We’ll talk anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, alignment principles, adjustments and observation skills. You’ll learn more about your own body and leave with resources to reimagine your posture practice.

This class is offered on Saturday OR Sunday. Please register for ONE OR THE OTHER. Continuing education certificates available by request.