South Lake Tahoe, CA

The Yoga Engineer @ Mountain Yoga

February 27th-March 1st

Mountain yoga 2015Do you have questions about the alignment of specific poses; the how and why of the instructions you get in yoga class? Richelle Ricard will be here from Seattle, WA to look at movement from the perspective of your internal engineering so your own body will begin to define it’s “proper” alignment. We won’t be memorizing muscle names, but instead seeking a better understanding of how we are designed to move in gravity. Through this expanded understanding, we will refine the movements necessary to get strong in foundational postures, so advancement in our practice will come with far less risk of injury. These classes are appropriate for practitioners of all levels, teachers and students alike.


Three-class package = $110 early bird (prior to 1/15/15), $135 thereafter

Individual classes = $50

Class Descriptions:

Yoga of the Spine: Friday, February 27th, 5:30 – 9 p.m.

The Spine is central to our core stability. It’s designed to be immensely mobile, but harbors inherent weaknesses that are just injuries waiting to happen. In this class we’ll discuss these weaknesses and methods for stronger, safer movement. Through lecture, movement, discussion and adjustment we’ll rework our postures—from the foundational Mountain Pose to dynamic twists and backbends. You’ll gain a better understanding of the physiology of your spine and it’s fundamental engineering. You’ll be empowered to live within the strength of this remarkable structure while protecting the weak points, both on and off your mat. (includes a short break)

Yoga of the Hips: Saturday, February 28th, 12:30 – 4 p.m.

What is a “hip opener”? It’s an ubiquitous request in nearly all yoga classes, but what are people really seeking? Daily posture can exploit the structures of our hip region and our tissues fall prey to myriad disordered conditions. The hip complex is inherently connected to our low back, so has immediate impacts on the alignment of our entire spine. In this class we’ll explore the nature of the hip and it’s role in our life and practice. We’ll discuss why the hip is a region ripe with land mines and how we can address it with grace and intelligence. We’ll move through postures that work both our strength and length in turn, seeking to find a balance point between the two. Understanding the limitations of this region will support a more personalized practice in every class you attend from here forward. (includes a short break)

Yoga of the Shoulder: Sunday, March 1st, 12:30 – 4 p.m.

The shoulder is one of the most frequently injured joints in yoga practice. Poor posture leads to poor alignment, and the repetitive movements of an asana sequence can wreak havoc on the joint’s tender structures. Our shoulder complex is also an integral part of our core, so more awareness here will help you build strength and stamina for all of your yoga postures and fitness movements.

In this class, we’ll examine the way our shoulder is built, it’s complex nature of stability and mobility, and all the ways we can move smarter and safer. Small adjustments can make all the difference here; how you set your hands and rotate your arm bones. This class is appropriate for people dealing with shoulder injuries, new and old alike, as well as those in prevention mode. (includes a short break)

Register directly through Mountain Yoga. Logistic questions can be directed to them, questions regarding content can be sent to Richelle.