Youth Sports….what does it really lead to?

In reading this article from the New York Times, I found myself making connections to both my practice of healing and my role in the Yoga community.  The article describes the competitive culture of youth sports, and the pressure by adults to perform, underscoring the alarming rate of overuse-injury at very young ages.  As early as 1952, national groups were criticizing the “high-pressure elements” of youth sports programs.  And it has only gotten more pervasive today. What I noticed was […]

Investment vs Sacrafice


I was having lunch with a friend the other day and she told me a story about her job. She told me how she had thrown herself into the opening of this new restaurant with gusto. She committed herself to the owner and the business. She worked long hours and dealt with the drama of the kitchen and wait-staff. She literally threw herself into this job. In only a few short months, the long hours ate away at her energy […]