Show Your Heart Love


In just less than two weeks we’ll embark on another 6-week asana immersion at Home Yoga. This time we head back into the shoulders with an emphasis on the Heart.  At the center of our ALL is the heart, framed by our lungs, cradled by the diaphragm, it is our physical engine, our spiritual center. The shoulders play a fundamental role in how the heart presents itself to our world: bold and bright, or humble and guarded. Your yoga practice […]

How can massage therapy relieve my pain? Part 1


Ah…The ultimate question.  It is a complex, or at least multi-layered question to answer.  In many ways it depends totally on the approach of the particular practitioner you are asking, therefore I will respond generally and in sections: Muscles and Fascia The Nervous System Emotional/Energetic Release While all of these areas overlap at some point during your treatment, they are more easily understood separately at first. Part 1:  Muscles and Fascia First let’s consider the tissues we work on directly:  […]

Hip Replacement–What we want to avoid.

In my last workshop we looked at the anatomy of the hip and discussed some of the risks involved in over-opening this joint.  It is rare to think of the hips as having hypermobility, but in the case of advanced practitioners who work diligently at excessive extension and extreme external rotation in this joint, laxity is a common result.   Too much length in the ligaments that hold the joint together, coupled with a lack of direct strengthening of stabilizer […]