Show Your Heart Love

In just less than two weeks we’ll embark on another 6-week asana immersion at Home Yoga. This time we head back into the shoulders with an emphasis on the Heart. 

At the center of our ALL is the heart, framed by our lungs, cradled by the diaphragm, it is our physical engine, our spiritual center. The shoulders play a fundamental role in how the heart presents itself to our world: bold and bright, or humble and guarded. Your yoga practice can elevate this heart energy, tap into it and thrive on it, build it up to bursting so you may shine it’s light from the inside out. How you manage this is dependent to some degree on how you engage your shoulders, arms and hands. Our 6-class journey will illuminate this process and offer insight to using your upper extremity to better effect and keeping it safe as well.

Richelle’s signature attention to anatomy and physiology will help you find a deeper understanding of this complex system and enhance your internal awareness overall. You’ll see and feel a difference in your practice after just one class.

Please, join us. Register here…

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