Cancelation Policies

Things happen, schedules change, kids get sick, WE get sick. Sometimes we have no choice but to cancel an appointment. Below are my policies for cancelation for my various services. Please review them carefully to avoid penalties. I reserve the right to alter these policies at any time and to take measures as needed in the case of chronic cancelations. 

Massage Therapy & Private Yoga Sessions

Sessions canceled with 24-hour notice or more will be honored with no penalty. The first session canceled with less than 24 hours notice, or no-show will owe 50% of their session charge, collectable at next session or by Paypal digital invoice. Second late cancelation or no-show will incur 100% session fee collectable at next session or by Paypal invoice. Fees may be waived if appointment time can be easily filled with another client.

Yoga Workshops

50% refunds are available for cancelations up to one week prior to the event. No refunds will be offered for cancelation within one week of the event UNLESS the event is sold out AND your space can be filled with another participant. If another workshop is already scheduled, you may defer your participation ONE TIME, paying any cost difference in full.

Yoga Retreats

Refunds, minus a $100 administration fee, will be offered only if cancelation occurs with two weeks’ notice. If canceling within two weeks of the event, refunds, minus the administration fee, will only be granted if your place can be filled with a new participant.