LMP Referral List.

Here you will find my list of LMP’s and health care pros I trust to take over your care.  If you have any questions regarding these practitioners, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a comment!

Jennifer Kuduk 206-369-1502 jenkuduk@gmail.com

Kira Sipler 206-579-0051 kira_siper@hotmail.com

Mihal Ehven 206-524-4444 mihal@ehven.com

Jessica Laprade 206-251-8754 jessicalaprade@comcast.net

Tiina Ritalahti 206-650-3952 amtamembers.com/tiinaritalahti

Greenlake Massage 206-527-9709 6823 Oswego Pl NE, 98115

New Seattle Massage 206-632-5074 4519 University Way NE, 98105

Richelle’s Favorite LMP’s and Clinics

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