Hips, Hips, Hooray!

Sorry for the cheese, I’m just really excited to be teaching this upcoming Yoga Engineer workshop: Intensive Study of the Hips. I spent nearly all of 2012 studying and teaching CIMG0910about the Spine, and 2013 moving into the shoulders, so it’s been a long road back to the Hips!

Those of you who have studied with me for a while know what a gem the Soma Yoga studio is. Jean Hindle, owner of this magical spot, came into my life just as my career was beginning, and I’m so lucky that she has cultivated this home base for us. We’ll get our class started a little earlier than usual, which means an early departure…no more late Sunday night brain wracking!!

This workshop is aimed at yoga teachers who want to gain deeper perspective on the engineering of the hip and pelvis, the biomechanics of this region and how this information relates to our practice. That said, these sessions apply to ALL OF US! We all have hips, right? So whether you teach yoga, practice daily, hit the mat once a week…or just have hips you want to know more about and keep healthy…this class is for you.

Tell your friends, share your thoughts, offer your questions. I encourage your curiosity and your critical observations. Let’s tap into the wisdom of our bodies, there are insights there which advance our practice in ways far more profound than just the muscles and bones.

Don’t forget about the 6-week asana session covering the shoulders…There is still space in class, and early registration prices end on Friday, January 31st.

See you in class!!


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