Show Your Heart Love

In just less than two weeks we’ll embark on another 6-week asana immersion at Home Yoga. This time we head back into the shoulders with an emphasis on the Heart.  At the center of our ALL is the heart, framed by our lungs, cradled by the diaphragm, it is our physical engine, our spiritual center. The shoulders play a fundamental role in how the heart presents itself to our world: bold and bright, or humble and guarded. Your yoga practice […]


Hips, Hips, Hooray!

Sorry for the cheese, I’m just really excited to be teaching this upcoming Yoga Engineer workshop: Intensive Study of the Hips. I spent nearly all of 2012 studying and teaching about the Spine, and 2013 moving into the shoulders, so it’s been a long road back to the Hips! Those of you who have studied with me for a while know what a gem the Soma Yoga studio is. Jean Hindle, owner of this magical spot, came into my life […]


Shoulder asana…with an anatomy kicker.

It’s on the books! The Yoga Engineer: Shoulder Immersion Series I got my butt in gear and have the next 6-week asana series planned to begin on February 13th. We’ll spend our 90-minute sessions exploring the engineering of the shoulder and upper extremity and how we use it in our asana practice. These asana classes will integrate the information we covered in last fall’s intensive Yoga Engineer anatomy class, offering a more cohesive internal learning experience. This series is IDEAL […]

The New Year…

…Is getting a slow start. New Moon, New Year, Winter is here. This densely-packed fall and transition into winter has certainly taught me that I need to slow down a bit and take time to be present; observe my energy and not push myself to the brink…anyone feel me on that? It hasn’t all been lounging around though, I’ve been strategically working out the 2014 schedule to get solid productivity balanced with self-care and down time. I am lucky to […]

Austin: New Moon Yoga Session

JUST ANNOUNCED! Join us for an in-depth practice to end your week and prepare you for the new moon on Nov 3rd. We’ll unwind from the hectic pace of city life, moving with integrity and slowness to dig deeper into our poses and our practice. $30 – 2 hour practice – pre-registration required This special practice is part of the Urban Yoga Retreat–Austin, TX, and is being offered to accommodate schedules of those who can’t attend the whole thing, but […]


New Weekly Teaching Schedule

I am pleased to announce that I have picked up another yoga class.   Along with my alternating schedule on Mondays, you can find me at Seattle Athletic Club’s downtown location each and every Thursday at 7PM. The format is Hatha Yoga so we’ll connect to our breath, move slowly and hold postures to develop lasting awareness. Not a member? It doesn’t matter! $15 gets you into class and access to SAC’s various amenities: Pool, Spa, Sauna, Steam and more. […]

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Cat/Cow–A Blueprint for Stability

The movements of the shoulder blade play an integral role in the stability of your core, but many of us have very stuck shoulder blades. Cat/Cow is a great way to mobilize AND strengthen this system to become a better foundation for all of the poses which bare weight in your hands. Read on for the breakdown, so you can build up your Cat/Cow.

First, do no harm.

Ahimsa. The very first tenet of the path of Raja Yoga. The first Yama. Do No Harm. Treat all life with respect, kindness, non-violence. Mightily espoused by yogis world-wide, and most commonly quoted as the fundamental reason yogis “should” be vegetarian, it is one of the more clearly stated ethical boundaries adopted by those on the eight-fold path of Yoga. Clear in it’s message of kindness, and yet one I see thrown to the way-side in so many classes in […]

The Words We Use

As yoga teachers, we feel responsible for so much: safety, ego, emotional health, students getting what they think they need, getting students in the door…and that’s just IN the studio. My own personal view: Start Small and Keep It Simple. A colleague of mine recently emailed regarding a message I offered in one of my last trainings: Stop teaching rhetorically and think critically about what you are offering your students. I am posting her inquiry here and my response; I […]

Hip Replacement–What we want to avoid.

In my last workshop we looked at the anatomy of the hip and discussed some of the risks involved in over-opening this joint.  It is rare to think of the hips as having hypermobility, but in the case of advanced practitioners who work diligently at excessive extension and extreme external rotation in this joint, laxity is a common result.   Too much length in the ligaments that hold the joint together, coupled with a lack of direct strengthening of stabilizer […]