New Pricing for the New Year

It’s been five years since I have changed my pricing. It has been my policy to keep my prices at the lowest end of the going rates in and around Seattle, especially since dropping off the insurance rolls. I’ve seen a significant increase in rates in our area, and practitioners with less experience are providing straight-forward swedish relaxation massage and charging $90-$100+ for a 60-minute session. I’d like to keep my rates at the low end of the scale while honoring […]

Rehab those calves.

A yoga teacher-colleague and I often engage in some good ol’ Q&A. Some good information flows through these conversations and I’m happy to share this with all of you. Q: I have a calf question… I’ve been working on eccentric calf strengthening to treat my calf/achilles pain by doing calf raises off a step — IE lift both heels together, and then drop one heel…one set with the leg straight and one set with a deeper bend in the knee. […]


How can massage therapy relieve my pain? Part 1

Ah…The ultimate question.  It is a complex, or at least multi-layered question to answer.  In many ways it depends totally on the approach of the particular practitioner you are asking, therefore I will respond generally and in sections: Muscles and Fascia The Nervous System Emotional/Energetic Release While all of these areas overlap at some point during your treatment, they are more easily understood separately at first. Part 1:  Muscles and Fascia First let’s consider the tissues we work on directly:  […]


How Can Massage Relieve My Pain? PART 2

Welcome back! Part 2:  The Nervous System In this section we will examine the nervous system in greater detail and how massage treatment affects pain through it.  The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord and all the peripheral nerves that go to the muscles, organs and skin.  The nervous system uses hormones and electrochemicals to turn stimulation into sensation and act through movement of muscles and other tissues.  If it happens in the human body, the nervous system is […]


Certificate of Healing now available!!

Shop locally AND invest in an experience instead of more stuff! Share the Gift of Health and Wellness with your loved ones this giving season.  When you purchase a Certificate of Healing for your family and friends, you offer them the opportunity to build a routine of self-care for reduced pain, increased strength, mobility and vibrance.  Each recipient can choose to spend their hour-long session in one of the following: Therapeutic Massage Treatment Therapeutic Yoga Treatment Private Yoga Instruction Richelle […]