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This is not your average relaxation massage.

This is treatment for what ails you. Touch is medicine. Everybody walks in with a lifetime of postural patterns and traumas large and small. Richelle approaches each client as an individual with particular needs. There is no recipe. There is no wrote prescription. Different modalities work for different people and Richelle wants to treat you as an individual. Richelle will work directly with your muscle, connective tissue, joints, organs and nervous system. She may also work with your energetic body […]

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New Pricing for the New Year

It’s been five years since I have changed my pricing. It has been my policy to keep my prices at the lowest end of the going rates in and around Seattle, especially since dropping off the insurance rolls. I’ve seen a significant increase in rates in our area, and practitioners with less experience are providing straight-forward swedish relaxation massage and¬†charging $90-$100+ for a 60-minute session. I’d like to keep my rates at the low end of the scale while honoring […]


Show Your Heart Love

In just less than two weeks we’ll embark on another 6-week asana immersion at Home Yoga. This time we head back into the shoulders with an emphasis on the Heart.¬† At the center of our ALL is the heart, framed by our lungs, cradled by the diaphragm, it is our physical engine, our spiritual center. The shoulders play a fundamental role in how the heart presents itself to our world: bold and bright, or humble and guarded. Your yoga practice […]


Hips, Hips, Hooray!

Sorry for the cheese, I’m just really excited to be teaching this upcoming Yoga Engineer workshop: Intensive Study of the Hips. I spent nearly all of 2012 studying and teaching about the Spine, and 2013 moving into the shoulders, so it’s been a long road back to the Hips! Those of you who have studied with me for a while know what a gem the Soma Yoga studio is. Jean Hindle, owner of this magical spot, came into my life […]