Anatomy-Rich Immersion Into The Hips

November 5th, 2011 @ Sutra Yoga, Seattle WA (Wallingford)

2pm – 7pm

$50 Pre-Registration Required–Space is Limited, register early

Get grounded in your roots as we immerse ourselves in the center of our Universe: the Hips and Pelvis.

Through Lecture, Asana, and Partner Work we will explore the anatomy, physiology and movement of the hip at a deeper level.  We will take a closer look at the range of motion of this remarkable joint, examine it’s limitations and discuss it’s strengths.  We will develop a clearer language through which to understand this complex system that supports the health of both the knee and the spine.  

Lecture: We will employ visuals, 3-dimensional models and hands on adjustments to help us dive into a new level of yoga practice.  This study will help us to begin an internal conversation that will help our practice evolve and grow.

Posture: Our asana practice will slow us down so we can pay close attention to the subtleties and depth that the hip involves.  Armed with the knowledge of the structures and tissues that support us, we can visualize our movements from the inside, adding to our awareness, sensation and intelligence within our movement.

This is where our internal conversation gets REALLY INTERESTING.  Fertilize your roots with the nutrients of knowledge!  Grow from the inside out.

Contact Sutra Yoga for registration.

Contact Richelle Ricard for content questions…206-931-2949

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